Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I'm toying with the idea of getting my hair cut like this... I know it's a boy's cut but I think it looks feminine enough for me without being too girly - I'm just not sure. Fortunately hair grows back so if it is a mistake it isn't permanent but growing my fringe out was a pain in the backside ¬¬ But I've wanted an Asian hairstyle for so long... *torn* Edit: Dude! WTF is wrong with Blogger today?! It keeps eating my damn paragraphs! ¬¬


Vidkid20 said...

That hair is awesome!!!! I'm kinda scared to cut my hair. >_< Take pictures if you decide to do it. :P

Darkslayer said...

Willdo! I just hope my hairdresser is up to it XD

It's quite a simple cut so it should be OK

LE said...

I like. The hair cut's nice to. :P

But seriously, that's an awesome hair style, and I think it will suit you (because of your fashion sense).

I'm getting mine cut on Thursday. Probably going to be the most drastic thing I've ever done with my hair.

Michelle said...

I love this hair. This is how my son has his hair and he just adores it.

Pistolkitten said...

I remember my best mate in NZ wanted this haircut, but he also wanted to bleach his hair white before doing it for a full on Anime character look hehe

Chicago said...

Really edgy hairstyle. I think you'll have fun with that style tremendously. Is your hair still that dark purple color, because if so you better ROCK IT!!

Now on to another subject...hawt guy. <3 *swoons* I could hear the bickering now between my sisters and I. "No, he's MINE!"

Darkslayer said...

@LE: Aww thank you! :D

@Michelle: I bet he looks so awesome with it!

@PK: I've really gotten into VK - I have the clothing, I've got the music but my hair is so... blah, it's layered but I don't have bangs and I can't do anything remotely asian with it because of that.

@Chicago: Nah it's black with a blue tint now XD

Darkslayer said...

Edit: @Chicago: I loved the purple colour but then go figure they discontinued it and the other shades of purple were pretty naff XD

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