Friday, 2 July 2010


So I gave up on Twinbrook. As beautiful and industrial as it is there are far too many big lots, the roads tear when I remove them to put in smaller lots and the rest of the terrain is so uneven I haven't got a clue what to do with it without making everything look horrendous. Such a shame too - Twinbrook is so awesome but I don't have the knowledge or patience to build on it.

I've moved my new project to Riverview; nice small lots (mostly), flat terrain (mostly) - hopefully this'll be a success!

After 3 random crashes to desktop (I'm sure I don't have dodgy CC, the dashboard isn't picking up on any and I don't install sims3packs because my launcher is made of fail) I cleared out a section of Riverview and commenced building.

This is what I came up with: It's a small apartment building and a 'laundromat' with a small apartment on the second floor. OK so it's a residential lot so the sims that I move in here will just have the biggest laundy place ever but meh, I wanted a home above the laundromat and the only way to do that was to make it a residential lot. Hopefully someday EA will give us the option to have both on the same lot.

This is the lounge area of the apartment above the laundromat; I haven't tweaked the textures/fabrics yet but this is the basic look I'm going for.

The exterior of the laundromat; I'm pretty much finished here but I might add one or two things, it's looking a little bare.

The exterior of the apartment building which is by no means finished (it doesn't even have interior floors ^_^; ) - the game kept kicking me off and my computer is throwing another fit about how bloody hot it is (I know alright?! You don't have to grind like crazy after having the game running for an hour ¬¬)

So far I'm liking it far more than my Twinbrook buildings.
Also - hurrah I'm off work for a week! :D


awesome_phoebe said...

Ooo I love it ^_^

Darkslayer said...

<3 thanks. I might upload this one once it's finished.

Westie said...

I should be sad that Twinbrook ended. . .but I just love watching you build. Cause I can't do it and It's awesome someone can.

Darkslayer said...

I still wouldn't say I could build. There is so much I wanted to do with Twinbrook but lot size and the general unevenness of everything made it very difficult.

I'll stick with Riverview for now ^_^

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