Wednesday, 30 June 2010


No title for this post as it is a post of nothingness. I figure I really should do more with this blog aside from posting my sims and buildings all the time so here we go. This is my attempt at doing something else.

Unfortunately I'm still relatively new to blogging in that sense; I'm used to posting things - I used to make icons way back when, I fangirl a little over video games, manga and anime but in general I fail epically at keeping up with stuff like this. I'm not witty or all that funny. Basically I bitch a lot.

But then some of you who know me be it IRL or from the forums already know of my snarky/bitchy nature ^_^; (I am nice IRL - honest! I'm just a very opinionated person XD)

Off work in another two days, woo! I'm looking forward to the time off (as well as having the house to myself - it's a sad life when you're 22 years old and excited about the fact that your parents are going away for the week ^_^; ) but I'm going to make sure that not even this damn heat ruins my week off.

Ahh a week of sitting on my ass playing video games - wonderful.

I still have to learn my Korean. Got my grading for my green stripe in Taekwondo next Saturday.


Azzie said...

It's great having all that time to yourself. You'd be surprised how just being able to sit around is really a lot of fun.

Nice IRL... XD Yeah yeah, you are.

Darkslayer said...

Oi! You damn well know I am ;)
I seem to recall putting up with you mocking my accent all the time - that's nice.

Azzie said...

It shouldn't be so easily mockable then, should it? XD

It's all out of love. Trust meh.

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