Sunday, 4 July 2010


I decided to take a break from the apartments I was building to knock up this little lot. It's a community lot; a rave club to be exact but to give the area more of a downtown/urban feel I attached the club to a shell apartment. The club itself is located in a warehouse around the back ;)

This is the 'apartment' (I might actually replicate this on an actual residential lot since I really like the design I did here). It has rooftop access and is two stories (technically three but I hadn't intended on using the ground floor at all).

Lanterns are subscription from TSR or you can get them for free from All Paysites Must Be Destroyed ;)

FYI - I'm using the darker nights mod, hence why the nighttime is so... night-y XD

The same exterior but during the day.

The ground floor of the club, this is a lounge area where ravers chillax with a hard drink or something much stronger ;)

Just another couple of shots of the exterior ^_^; I wish Blogger would upload these in the order that I upload them but it doesn't and it's such a faff moving the pictures around.


FuryRed said...


...That's my raver way of saying that I like the club ;)

Darkslayer said...

<3 glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh dude I'm snatching this up for sure. I've been having issues with downloaded lots and sims lately so I hope this one goes in my game fine.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Darkslayer! ^_^" I was wondering if you would consider reworking this lot to work with LN. I don't think it's in your studio anymore, but yeah... xD So if you don't have the lot anymore, that's totally fine. Ignore this request if you don't! o_o"

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