Friday, 16 July 2010


Alright first of all I'll admit that I am having a lot of fun in the Heavy Rain thread over on the TS3 forum. It is incredibly off-topic I know but aside from Altai attempting to stir things up for a brief moment it's been an amicable, friendly thread.

I'm a huge fan of Heavy Rain and I love talking about it so the fact that the thread is there is pretty awesome for me but I do have to question why it's still there. It appeared several hours ago, it's had quite a bit of activity (8 pages and counting) and the topic of the conversation is a game that is rated M in America (15 here in the UK) that contains strong violence, swearing and sex (as well as drug use - but that isn't indicated on the box for some reason).

Are the Gurus sleeping on the job? I'm not complaining because the thread itself is friendly, I'm enjoying the topic and it's nice to have things off topic once in a while but it does seem a little unfair that a thread that is so blatantly off topic has not had any action taken against it when people were recently banned for less :/


Crazycatldy said...

I was wondering the same thing as I read portions of the thread.
The strangest thing is,the Gurus were out in full force tonight,unlike all other nights when you see none.

Zeri said...

yeah and Miracle's thread about Lord Sponge (which is kinda on topic) got swiftly deleted.. its very very strange

xmiraclex37 said...

^ What Zeri said~
I guess the mods didn't like me compairing their beloved lord sponge with cheese -.- Owell.

The only reason I can think of at the moment, was the thread on-topic for the first and second page? maybe by then the mods stopped following it [or just didn't look at all :P]. But I'm glad you're having fun with the thread at least :D.

[P.S. LOVE the iPod. D'espairsRay ftw]

clairezy018 said...

Maybe the mods all love Heavy Rain, because it's such an awesome game. Heavy Rain kinda killed console gaming for me for a bit. Everything felt kind of boring and slow paced compared to it. :/ but my addiction came back I'm now replaying fallout with good karma for once. :P

Amieezilla said...

*Is jealous for everyone else having Heavy Rain*
I got to play this for an hour and it was awesome-sauce. I agree with Clairezy, they just know how much more awesome the game is and how they wish they could work over at that forum. ;D

RD said...

LoL. I wouldn't have drawn attention to it Dark. If they are sleeping take advantage of it! I hate how inconsistent they are, but what can you do.

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