Wednesday, 7 July 2010


So with my recent bout of activity in the game I have decided to have another go at modelling. Since my own failed attempt at a competition (which I am SO sorry about - after the forums bugged out I just kind of lost the creative steam to carry on with it ^_^;) I hadn't really had much to do with it.

The first challenge was to depict a romantic moment but there was a random stipulation dependant on the number you asked for; I was told that my shoot had to be done in a park. I don't really go for all that flowery crap; not only do I live on an ex-council estate in the North-West of England (meaning I am more acustomed to seeing crude graffiti proclaiming that 'Leanne <3's Spencer 4eva!' 'OL2 sux' or 'Sweeney woz 'ere 2010', abandoned and broken park equipment and broken beer bottles) but I just fail miserably at trying to make anything that looks 'pretty' - no idea why but tell me to add flowers and trees and make it look beautiful with a load of landscaping and shit and I just... can't do it XD

This is the entry I posted:

Heine (my blue-haired sim) is the model, I still haven't uploaded the girl onto the exchange (because I'm clearly made of fail). I'm a bit concerned that my picture doesn't look 'edited' since there is a mark out of 10 for editing - they did say you don't have to be a master editor which is good because I'm not but I probably should've added a boarder or something. The trouble is that I suck at adding boarders so I just used my usual cropping/resizing/screening/colour overlay/sharpening that I do to all my pictures. Wish I'd gotten rid of that dodgy shadow on his forehead... I blame the girl's stupid hair for that XD;;;

For those of you interested here is the competition:

After taking the shoot I decided that I really didn't like Ryutaro's house so I demolished it and built him a new one. No exterior shots because it currently doesn't even have windows but I did finish his 'apartment'.

The painting was made by me but I took the art from Deviantart - I'm not sharing because I haven't asked permission. I figure it's OK to privately use it for my own game without permission but I really wouldn't want to share someone elses's artwork.

Needless to say, Ryutaro was exhausted after the move.


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to improve on your editing, I'm actually surprised you entered a competition where editing is a must. I really love this picture, I think everything about it just works. And as per that you don't do flowery scenes I seem to remember a date in the park with Niwa and his fellow that was quite flowery. I hope they don't mark you down for this pic as I think its totally full of WIN

Darkslayer said...

Hey RD! I haven't seen you around in a while <3

The host did say that editing wasn't that big of a deal and I'm still intending on using as much in-game content as possible but as it does get a mark out of 10 I want to put the effort in and give it a shot ^_^

I seem to remember that I totally failed on that shoot because of how dull it was :D I find something about doing scenes like that really uninspiring but it was my own fault for choosing to do it in a park like that in the first place XD

Thanks for the support! How have things been going for you lately?

Anonymous said...

You could've done an industrial park. It counts . . . righ?

The word verification for that was tachead. Add a 'k' between the 'c' and the 'h'. XD

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