Thursday, 8 July 2010


So apparently EA brought out another patch. Fair enough. My launcher still likes to throw a hissy fit and after the bullshit that was 1.7 I never-ever install a patch until I'm sure its safe. Word on the TS3 forum is that this patch is a game-killer. As usual people are blaming CC but I'm inclined to believe that if someone who does not have any CC has ended up nuking her game due to accepting the 4.2 patch update... then this is EA's fault, not theirs.

Way to go EA. Keep raising the bar of incompetence. I'm sure the community will continue to be behind you 100% :D


CelSera said...

Oh brother...another one?! I can't even keep up anymore... :(

RD said...

I don't know if any of the issues I have had with the game were due to the patch or the CC. I usually have to patch because I use AwesomeMod and don't really care to play the game without it but usually everything gets worked out. I think the point every one tires to make though is that it shouldn't have to get "worked out" after a patch comes out, that is the whole purpose of a patch in the first place. Perhaps the brains at EA are so far and above us intellectually that we could never even begin to comprehend why they do the back-asswards things that they do...Right!?

Darkslayer said...

From what I've been hearing it's pretty serious too and as usual the assholes are out in full force belittling innocent simmers who've never touched even a hint of CC in their lives.

-and when they finally get tine point that they don't have CC to corrupt the patch then ZOMG it's 'ur computah!

Heaven forbid EA are shown up as the incompetent morons that they are. OK I'm no coder or anything, I can't make a flash game let alone a game as complex as TS3 but... to me it's basic stuff. Instead of testing the game and patch with varying combinations (i.e. someone who has TS3, HELS, Ambitions but NOT WA) it seems like they just tested it for a couple of seconds on a lonely PC and assumed it would be OK.

I said this back when patch 1.7 was known (and later proven by EA themselves) to cause problems despite the same moronic idiots stating otherwise - why the hell is it still up for download? If there's a chance that it's faulty even for only some of the population then they should bloody well remove it.

But like you said RD, they're so far above us intellectually that such a method seems crude and unnecessary XD

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