Friday, 9 July 2010


I finished the interior of both apartments and moved my sims in. Unfortunately there was a um... planning error with one of the apartments so I won't be uploading it. Basically the taller apartment has 3 floors that I intended on using with the ground floor just acting as an empty room I could put junk in since the other rooms are so small. I made the hallway 2 squares wide but widened it at the end so I could fit in two sets of stairs (one for the floor below, one for the floor above) that could still be navigated around.

Yeah... I widened the corridor in the wrong place. I could go and fix it but that'd mean tearing out everything I'd done, since I furnished it before putting in the stairs. I can't be bothered doing all that work for a top floor that my lone sim really doesn't need to use, so I'm not but that's why I'm not going to fix it.

I also made an error with the kitchen in her apartment. I put the kitchen units in front of where I had intended to put the back door which was an annoyance I just couldn't bother rectifying since her kitchen is tiny and I'd already spent ages finding some way to fit everything in there.

This'll teach me for furnishing a house before putting in doors and stairs XD

Anyway! This is Noda, rockin' out in her apartment :D

I don't know why but the way she's sitting here reminds me of a doll.

Shinichi was being very studious... or trying to be listening to Noda's racket.

Cooking calms the soul ^_^

So far everything seems to be going fine, although for some reason Shinichi has a complete obsession with Noda's apartment. I'll admit his is crappier due to my poor design but he has better furnishings than she does, he even has a great big space to play his guitar but every time he goes to play, he leaves his apartment and goes next door to hers. Except he can't because I locked both doors so there would be no apartment swapping.
I don't understand why he's so insistant on using all her stuff, including her floor space aparently :/

UGH one of these days Blogger will recognise a paragraph as a paragraph instead of lumping all my writing together or creating space where there shouldn't be space ¬¬


Chouxie/Abby said...

Hullo, I've seen you on the forums before, Dark, and I just wanted to know: Where did you get your avvie's (on TS3) blush that runs across the nose? And could you possibly remember where you got the lovely gal's blush in the pics above? And if you do possibly know, I might, possibly, want to be told. ;)

Darkslayer said...

Hey :)

The makeup that my avatar wears across his nose is from Mod The Sims. It's part of a set of 'animal' makeup created by LadyFrontBum - the one I'm using is the plain one from that set.

The makeup that the girl is wearing is created by Lemonleaf which you can find on their blog <3

Chouxie/Abby said...

Ah, well then, I already have your manblush. :D And I'll go to Lemonleaf.

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