Sunday, 4 July 2010


With the club built I needed some revellers to enjoy it, so I knocked up a couple of sims in CAS. Heine (the guy) is up for download on my studio. I'm an idiot and forgot to export the girl (Makoto) and I need to let my computer cool off again before I go back on the game. I'll upload her next time I run it.

Needless to say they are boyfriend and girlfriend though Heine isn't what you'd call a faithful boyfriend ^_^;

UGH! One of these days Blogger will upload things in the same order I upload them in ¬¬

Heine can be downloaded here:


CelSera said...

Awesome...just outdid yourself with these guys, I love them! ^_^

Westie said...


awesome_phoebe said...

Ooo colourful *-* Every time you post what you've done with the town I want it even more :P

Darkslayer said...

Thanks guys <3 it's always nice to hear good things about my creations.
Out today but provided it doesn't get too warm by the time I get back I should be running the game again.

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