Thursday, 8 July 2010


...just when I thought I had the order of how blogger uploaded images, it messes it up again ¬¬

Anyway! Due to a tragic incident involving my idiocy and the Awesome Mod I've lost my neighbourhood so I've had to start from scatch. It's not too bad though, I've found a better neighbourhood more suited for what I want to do - haven't finished emptying the houses out yet but I've built my first lot:

...and here was supposed to be the front, instead blogger has insisted that it puts the rear picture first and I can't move them around because that screws up the whole thing. Next time I'll upload them one at a time ¬¬

But yes, this is the rear of the new lot I've built. I actually bothered to add plants and stuff this time! Go me :D

-and here is a shot of the front (stupid blogger ¬¬). Again I feel rather proud of myself for adding plants. It's sad I know but I don't normally bother so... yes XD;

-and these are the sims who will be living there. Though they'll have to wait outside until I finish furnishing their homes. I'm planning to hook them up together but for the moment they're neighbours who are both into music.
She's a childish hopeless romantic, he's a seirous workaholic.

And yes... poor Ryutaro has lost his new home. Poor guy.


awesome_phoebe said...

It's sad that you lost your work, especially for Ryutaro D: But the new lot looks awesome, I love all the plants. And those sims look really cute, they should be together ^_^

Darkslayer said...

I was inspired to make them from the live action show Nodame Cantabile (FYI the guy in my avatar inspired Ryutaro and he shares his name with him XD)

I am SO glad I gave up on trying to run my game through the launcher, I dodged a bullet with that 4.2 patch ^_^;

Chicago said...

Aww sorry to hear about your neighborhood, it was coming along nicely too.

Also, in order for blogger to load the pictures you want in order, do it backwards...So you wanted the "Front" of your lot first...add it last..and the "Back" of your lot, add it first..that way it goes in speaking...

1,2,3...instead do 3,2,1....<~~~ #1 will be loaded first and your pictures will be in order. I hoped that helped!

Darkslayer said...

Thanks for the help. I figured that was what it was doing so I did list them backwards then it decided to shove that rear picture at the top when I'd put it secomd from the bottom.

Ahh well, I'll get it figured out eventually XDDD

I actually like the new neighbourhood more, it inspires me to make nicer lots XD I must admit some of the stuff I was doing ended up being a little half-assed.

RD said...

Well your first lot is looking really nice anyways. Sucks that you had to lose your other neighborhood but it looks like you are still feeling inspired. I love what you did with landscaping, its so summery.

Darkslayer said...

Thanks RD. I normally hate landscaping which makes the building in neighbourhood view look absolutely horrible. I know that the neighbourhood view isn't too flattering on any lot, but it bothers me when I see a grey blob and not much else XD

So I've decided to slow it down since I have a tendency to rush builds - and no matter how much I hate doing it I will attempt landscaping XD;

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