Monday, 21 June 2010


Ugh. Real life has been completely kicking my ass lately. Still; I'm not sure if it's just the stress or something completely unrelated but I've been really inspired to build lately. So much so that I've demolished everything in Twinbrook. I may come to regret this decision.

Still for now, I'm having fun ^_^

This is the new laundromat. I think the interior is a bit too squeaky clean so I may re-do it with some grungier textures, at the moment I do like it.

An apartment building; just a shell at the moment, I'll probably furnish it and stuff once I move someone in.

Another apartment building. Again it's just a shell at the moment.


Westie said...

I really like them. Industrial

Darkslayer said...

Aww thank you. I really loved the industrial look of Twinbrook. Whilst I was thinking about what to do with Twinbrook I stumbled across another simmer's blog, as well as the sudden urge to build her designs have really inspired me a lot.

FuryRed said...

Ooh I love the apartments, though it makes me really miss Apartment Life :(

CelSera said...

I cannot WAIT to finally play Ambitions. Your builds look great so far, DS -- you should be proud ^_^

And oh man, don't get me started on all the real life's to things looking up soon!
*raises glass of 'juice'

Darkslayer said...

@FuryRed: Apartment Life was by far my favourite EP of TS2. I hope they bring something similar to it in at some point.

@CelSera: Heh I might have to join you there ;)

Thanks for the compliments guys ;) I'm always a little shaky on building so it's nice when someone compliments my work.

awesome_phoebe said...

Looks great so far ^_^ I don't have the patience to do anything like that lol.

Darkslayer said...

Neither do I normally and then I compare my stuff to everyone else's and start thinking about how rubbish it is XD

Hopefully I'll be able to finish my town this time. I still haven't played Ambitions properly.

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