Saturday, 26 June 2010


I finally fleshed out one of the apartment buildings I had made and then promptly moved this guy in as an attempt to bring a little bit of life to Twinbrook. His name is Ryutaro and he is an ambitious young musician who wants to 'make it big' in the music industry. His dream is to become a world-renowned rock star.

He lives in a tiny split level apartment in the centre of downtown Twinbrook. His next-door neighbour is a reclusive artist who is rumoured to be very pretty.


awesome_phoebe said...

Love him, especially his leopard print vest ;)

If you do end up completely redoing the town I hope you put it up for download, or at least some of the buildings.

Darkslayer said...

I think I probably will do, the trouble is that I'm not a very good builder so when I start comparing my work to others I get nervous - but I'm the kind of person who has to have everything 'just so' which is why I don't just use other people's amazing lots.

He's up for download on my studio if you want him. My launcher actually worked last night, I'm amazed XD

awesome_phoebe said...

Don't worry, I'm the crappiest builder. I like your style of sims and buildings and stuff. I rarely download lots because the ones that are supposedly 'the best' and look great in the picture end up being to cluttered for me.

And I'll download him...when I'm not too lazy to put him in my game. I can't be bothered putting anymore CC in my game, I combined my packages to make it less laggy but somehow lost a lot of my CC in the process.

Darkslayer said...

Aww thank you :)
I try not to use too much CC myself as it does lag my game. I tend to download paintings, hairs, accessories and makeup.
Unfortunately I have a horrible memory for where things came from ^_^;

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