Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Did a bit more building today in my game. Nothing finished enough to show just yet. I'm making a school to fit in better with my neighbourhood than the rabbithole one but I'll probably just leave it as a shell. The lot is kind of big and I hate trying to furnish something so huge. Still I may just deck out one room so I can use it for photos when I get around to actually playing my game.

Heh, I'll go to all this trouble and then either get bored halfway through or unleash simmies upon the neighbourhood only for them to completely ruin it.

Maybe I'll make a backup neighbourhood once I'm finished... so I can start anew if it does get mucked up.

On another note that is surprisingly not Sims related for a change; it would've been nice of HMV to tell me that they were increasing the BluRay box set I preordered from £14.99 to £25.99 - seriously, what did you think would happen? Ugh. Most websites I use honour the price I preordered at or at least notify me of a price change, HMV? Nope. They almost double the price and don't utter a word of it. I wouldn't have even realized if I wasn't looking for something else in the same series.

Unfortunately it looks like I've accidentally deleted my original confirmation e-mail from them that would've given me a good argument to go and kick their damn asses (via e-mail; the nerd's 'drive by argument' ;) ) so I have no proof as to what the original price was.

Eh, I'm not that bothered. I don't think it's worth the money, I'll cancel the order. No big deal, I'll get it later in the sale but seriously - isn't it a requirement for companies to notify their customers of price changes?


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