Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Wow learning Korean is a bitch, even if I only have to learn the words associated with my taekwondo it's still bloody difficult ^_^; I'll have to ask my instructor tonight how to say a few of the words. I've written them out but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pronounce them.


Zeri said...

omg korean is so hard!! i used to watch this korean show called 'the immortal yi shoon shin'
it was an awesome show, but it was all in korean. it was subtitled, but it still made me interested enough to try to learn the language. i could NOT reproduce any of the sounds corectly. its very difficult if your used to english lol. (and i can speak a japanese accent pretty well too)

awesome_phoebe said...

Have fun xD You should get lessons, it'll make life easier, but then again they are expensive.

I'm learning Chinese in High school (have been since year 7) and I've improved a lot of since my first time lol It's cheap with school which is good. I'm also planning on going to Japan with my friend on the year between high school and university. Can't wait ;P

Darkslayer said...

Heh yeah. Korean is a bitch XD

I only have to learn the words associated with my taekwondo. I knew them at one point but then I got lazy and stopped looking them over so I've forgotten them again ^_^;

I'd love to go to Japan; I'm actually hoping to go in a year or two - it looks like such a beautiful country.

awesome_phoebe said...

My sister went...about 2 years ago I think? I was so jealous xD But she got some really amazing shots. If you like photography your really going to have fun. She also bought me some really cute japanese stuff ^_^ Ever heard of totoro? Studio ghibli? Yeah that sorta stuff.

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