Thursday, 24 June 2010


So I demolished that school in the end. I know it's a waste but the more I thought about it the more I really didn't like it ^_^;

I've been on the game a bit today though; made a couple of new sims. I haven't planned out their backstories yet though.

Hopefully I'll get a lot of the neighbourhood done by the end of this weekend then I can finally start playing, I want to move in some of my little simmies but I know the minute I do I'll become incredibly frustrated and unhappy with my work and start over, again. I'm sick of doing that ^_^;

I also built another apartment complex; I haven't quite finished the exterior but I'm pretty happy with the structure as a whole.

Also, am I the only numpty who has a problem with layout on blogger? It seems that whenever I make a post there's spaces where I don't want them etc so nothing is cohesive. It bugs me.


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