Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I'm undecided about whether I actually like this or not. I spent a lot of time on it though it probably doesn't show but my tendency to hate every big build I've done is rearing its head again. It supposed to be a school... though I think I did lose sight of that at some point when I started messing around with things. It's just a shell at the moment but there's just something about it that looks so bland and blah...

It doesn't help that I couldn't think of anything to do with all that empty exterior space and as the little community lot post things crash my game I had to stick the real school downstairs in the basement. Being the idiot that I am I had no idea I couldn't make stairs from a foundation down to a basement - seriously though, why can't we do this? So I wound up making a seperate building just to conceal the damn stairs that I had intended to be in the school building (so they would already be concealed). Even then the stairs did not want to place themselves in a decent place. Ugh

I might demolish this still, I don't know... I hate building big lots but I wanted to give it a shot whilst I was inspired.


VintageLydia said...

Doesn't look too terrible. I reminds me of my mom's high school, only they had really skinny windows (think prison-type windows) Those big windows wouldn't fly in most schools, at least in the US.

Other than that, looks perfect for an industrial looking school :)

Westie said...

I like it. Industrail defintly. And it shows how dismal twinbrook sometimes seems. Looks like a school filled with mean teachers and maybe hidden metal detectors. It's very good. For the big open space, you could try a quad and a playground.

Darkslayer said...

Mm those windows are a bit big aren't they? I think I was inspired by Japanese anime when I picked them since the windows tend to be larger, but thinking it over it would look better with narrower windows.

Thanks for the suggestions as to what to fill that empty space with, I'll fiddle with the build some more and let you guys see the results :)

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