Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well... here we have another Sunday night drama-fest over at the Sims 3 Forum. Frankly I'm not even going to give the nonsense of his posts the time of day here, it just isn't worth it but naturally as people's frustrations grew other treads not posted by that asshat started to appear - merely harmless displays of annoyance and frustration.

At least one of those threads appears to have been deleted - a mod I assume yet that little puissants multiple spamming threads are still on the board. They started out on topic even though they were most definately spam but the recent wave have been nothing but pure, 100% spam that has had nothing to do with the Sims. They're still there.

Double standards again?

Update: Well that went well. I waited just in case they were mid-cleanup before posting my question and immediately after I posted it I go back to General and notice all the posts in question were gone. Typical eh? Now they've locked it. I don't care - it's kind of redundant since they did actually remove the posts somewhere between me typing mine and posting it but why did they lock it instead of deleting it ;_; must my humiliation remain public? XD


Metalz said...

Lol that was some bad timing Dark!

Zeri said...

what the hell went on this weekend? i missed everything

Darkslayer said...

Nashville snapped and acted like a numpty as he went on another spamming spree.

I thought he had been banned last night but I've seem him post today so that doesn't seem to be the case.

And HA! It really was. I waited too just in case that happened. Typical eh? XD

CelSera said...

I missed all of that too. ...Am I following you twice? LOL, I think I am -- I'm sorry!

Spychip said...

*sigh* I've abandoned the forums, there's too much drama, I got enough of that stuff at home.

Anonymous said...

Pah, I have hardly any drama at home. Jeelous much, ChipSpy? XD But when I go to the forums, it's like walking into a briar patch without shoes. *cue noises of slight agony*

Anonymous said...

Okay. *cue noises of intese agony, because your foot has basically been mauled by thorns*

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