Sunday, 14 November 2010


Right. Bridgeport has been getting on my nerves. Aside from my graphics card having issues with rendering it I'm finding it really difficult to navigate, my sims are obsessed with the subways and it takes them forever to get anywhere. Besides I missed suburbia - the solution? Get a small neighbourhood, do half as the city and half as the suburbs. Problem solved!

Loving Late Night though... still XD

Even moreso now I've figured out how to mod apartments.

Now all I need to do is find all the apartments that EA for no logical reason decided to hide. I mean REALLY EA? Are you that obsessed about us using your own pre-made shit that you wouldn't make the apartment shells available for general use? UGH. The lots I have are too small for the pre-made lots; I'm sure some of them is just because EA stuck an apartment on a lot that was bigger than necessary.


CelSera said...

*drools* That apartment is beeeuteeful! ^_^ I haven't done anything with apartments in the game yet. What graphics card do you have? I'm sorry it's having trouble rendering Bridgeport -- your graphics look stunning in these pics. :D

Darkslayer said...

Nvidia Geforce 6600

It's so strange. Even when I turn my graphics settings right the way down it doesn't help. Having them at the setting its on (max edge smoothing, max sim detail, medium tree detail, medium shadow, water & mirror reflections, max texture...) it doesn't hinder the game in the slightest versus lowering the graphics completely yet the rendering problem persists

I'm having glitches with my terrain too. It's a blurred mess of nothingness until I paint over it with the terrain paint.

I'm planning on upgrading to a 1TB Dell that has a ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1TB Harddrive and an i5 processor. I'm aware of the shadow issues with the ATI but changing it to a Geforce would add an extra £140 - it's already costing me £660 ^_^;

I'm hoping I'll be able to run everything on max with the new computer, the Geforce 6600 is pretty old.

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