Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Well... I held out for a surprising amount of time considering but I've finally relented and ordered Late Night.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the new computer as early as I had hoped and I'm sick of waiting for Late Night what with everybody posting their awesome videos and pictures so... yeah.

Besides; I want to build in Bridgeport and even if I do get a new computer as long as I put my lots on the exchange or just keep them in a safe place I can back them on on the portable harddrive and then put them back in with the new game.

I'll have to remove all my CC though. Ahh well, I don't use a lot of it anyway. It'll be nice to have a spring clean.


CelSera said...

You too, huh? LOL I just installed LN a few days ago, and really haven't gotten a chance to explore very well just yet.

I still hope you can get your new computer soon! It seems that so many people in the community have either gotten new computers recently or had major computer issues...what we go through for this game, huh? xD

Darkslayer said...

I know. I'm hoping to get it at the end of this month but no matter how I look at it £600 on my credit card is kinda' scary XDDD

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