Friday, 12 November 2010


Ugh! Either Late Night hates virtually ALL my CC (including all my store content obtained through dodgy means) or my computer has reached its limit break because my game has NEVER taken over an hour to load since I ditched all that corrupted crap way back when.

*headdesk* other than hairs and a few CC clothing I'm pretty much running a naked game and I mean that. I don't even have my store content! It sucks!

Has EA tweaked their coding again? I know a while back I had to fiddle around with some things to get my fake store crap to show up but this is insane! I've gone from a CC list of around 1,100 to about 350 ^_^;

...I haven't even been able to play yet. This had better be worth it.


Chicago said...

Check your mods. Also some CC isn't compatible with LN and needs to be updated as well. Check your patterns too, mines were giving me problems when I went into CAS.

I hope that helps you out some. It's not pleasant going in game naked ;)

Zeri said...

yeah that really sux. i was able to get all my cc to work (minus a few cool modded items) and even my 'fell off a truck' store items seemed to be working. but every game is different, so you never know how things are going to behave.

o and LN IS worth it ;)

This Blog said...

I had those kind of issues as well with late night. I had to reinstall the whole game, and delete all the cc. My game kept crashing when I had gotten in.
I'd hate to suggest it , but try reinstalling the whole game. It's quite a hassle, but it may be able to help.
Each ep has this kind of problem, you may have to sit it out without cc until patches come along or something. :(

Darkslayer said...

Well I've been faffing abotu with it pretty much all day and aside from discovering that I had some dodgy CC that I downloaded like a year ago (who knew? certainly not me) I've also discovered that what little of the pirated store content I've risked putting back in actually conflicted with OTHER store content. Go figure huh? No wonder it wouldn't load

I don't think I'll be able to use Bridgeport properly right now; I think it's a graphics card issue since mine is so old (geforce 6600)

Still! I've gotten some gaming in and I'm loving it so far.

Roll on new computer! LOL

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