Sunday, 28 November 2010


Just some random shots from my game. I'm in the process of building up a community but I got caught up in playing with my latest simmies (they're married now ^_^)


Vidkid20 said...

What skin do you use Dark?
Those sims are awesome by the way. :P

Chicago said...

Love them! They are so cute when they dance together, lol. Can't wait to see how the little boy looks when he gets older. <3

Quick question, how do you get them to dance like that??

Chicago said...

One more question..where did you get that wall/pattern in your sims dancing video? It's really cool.

Darkslayer said...

@Vid: I use the no hair "Asian" skintone from Mod The Sims. It's quite an old skin and it doesn't seem to show up the paler vampire skintone properly but I actually prefer it that way. My vampires blend in easier when they're stalking their prey XD

@Chicago: The dancing comes with Late Night. If they dance enough it builds up the invisible dance skill meter and eventually they'll learn to club dance.

...alternatively you could just use a mod like Twallan's Master Controller mod and increase the skill yourself like I did XD

The wall actually came with a house that I downloaded from here:

It's a non-recolourable wallpaper ^_^

Vidkid20 said...

Oh cool! I might try it and the greenish skin of vamps is not fav anyway.

Chicago said...

Thanks and thanks. I used the mod as well ^.^

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