Monday, 22 November 2010


OK I have a trivia question!

What do The Sims and Harry Potter have in common?

Well; those of sound mind will think that there is nothing in common between these two games other than that vile EA logo lurking somewhere on the packaging but according to EA they have a lot more in common than that.

Enough in common in fact to feature rather prominantly on the TS3 main page o.O

...I wonder if I were to spam the forum with off-topic threads about Harry Potter whether I would be banned. Given that it's on the TS3 site it MUST be related to The Sims and therefore perfectly acceptable to talk about :>

£10 says the next SP is TS3 Royal Life - make your very own William and Kate! :D (can't you tell I'm British? Half an hour after hearing the news I already became sick of hearing about it XDD)

In other news; my new computer is freakin' EPIC! ^_^


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