Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Feeling inspired I decided to undertake a challenge and build a park; this is something that I don't tend to do because I struggle with filling the larger lots and the view from edit town mode always looks horrendous but I really wanted to customize the park in my town. So... I took the bold step of bulldozing it.


Vidkid20 said...

When your done and if you want it posted, let me know.

Vanity Cycle 2 is doing sign ups if your still interested. Link on my blog. ;)

Darkslayer said...

Ah! I hadn't realized Vanity was signing up again ^_^;

I'm not sure if I'll put it up. I'm always so self-conscious about my lots because I compare my work to a lot of other people's and just wind up bulldozing everything I've made XD

Vidkid20 said...

^I feel the same way. Building is not my thing. I totally get what you mean. >_<

Still some spots left. Just letting you kno. :)

Darkslayer said...

I've posted ^_^

I've got a vague idea in my head for a simmie but if it doesn't pan out I'll use one of my existing ones from my extensive male sim library XD

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