Sunday, 16 May 2010


A part of me wonders if I should feel a little bit of sympathy for people who think that by repeatedly posting a crude, foul-mouthed protest thread to incite hatred they are going to acomplish something. Then I remember all the threats and the like. I'm actually feeling pretty bloody vindictive about this.

Where the fuck are the Gurus at? They can ban someone over a dancing banana (the same dancing banana that is now obnoxiously dancing away in an oversized sig that is probably lagging everybody's internet to hell because of how many times this asshat has posted) but they refuse to take action against a trio of assholes parading themselves around the forums like they're the goddamn messiah, the answer to our prayers who post in a crude manner of childish insults and swear words.

When are the Gurus going to ban someone who damn well deserves it!?


xXAngelicEvilXx said...

Completely agree. It's flippin' ridiculous. They are giving people like me and a few others a bad name because they can't word their protests with a bit of maturity.

The mods and gurus are so quick to lock or remove a thread, but slow as all hell to swing the banhammer, unless there's something stupid involved, like the dancing banana.

FuryRed said...

Mm, I've been sat here with a numb arse (too long spent at the computer) just shaking my head and going 'what?' What's worse is these kids somehow think I agree with them >: / I seriously don't know what the hell they're thinking.

The Gurus really need to pull their fingers out, though we knew that before >_<

Darkslayer said...

@xXAngelicEvilXx: The sad thing is that dancing banana was used as a signature by one of the asshats.

@FuryRed: It really annoyed me when they brought you it - people looking at their posts without knowing you would've thought you were a complete fool just like them and I thought that was bang out of order.

I wish I could say I would be surprised if they were still there in the morning but clearly unless the Gurus were all away tonight nothing is going to be done about their behaviour.

They seem to have stopped for the moment after making one final post acting as though they were the victims. It's so pathetic.

I do wonder who locked their 6th thread though; normally the threads just get deleted but this one was locked, maybe it was the mod preserving it as evidence to present to the Gurus or maybe the forum just glitched. It started breaking down during the drama.

FuryRed said...

I think it's cause they follow my blog and I've talked to them, they somehow thought my indignation at being banned means I'd agree with their methods. But anyways, apparently they hate me too now! Lol, what can you do eh? I'm too old for this shit :P

MrGorgon said...

I dont hate you, and I never even faught you would join in. :D just saying

Jessamine Diane said...

I don't hate you either, what you read over at PP and my C-box was a miss-understanding. I've said I'm sorry and explained the situation and what I ment, so that's all I can do. Again, I am sorry.

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