Friday, 21 May 2010


At the risk of frying my computer I decided to get back on there and finish the sim I've been making. I've had a few projects in game recently; I don't know if it's all the chatter about the new EP or whether it's just because I've finally gotten one of the custom neighbourhoods to work (small neighbourhood = less lag = a very happy Dark.

I realize that I keep picking up and dropping projects; previewing sims and then never uploading them. This is because:
1. I keep forgetting to export them.
2. Mediafire is being a complete bitch and won't upload anything for me for some reason.
3. My neighbourhood isn't finished (I demolished all the residential houses to make my own) so my sims have no where to live - thus no out of CAS photos.

Now Mediafire is actually letting me upload this one (hurrah!) so here we go!

Her name is Ruth Valentine. She is a young adult who is absent minded, good, friendly, a heavy sleeper and a hopeless romantic.
I'm afraid I can't remember where the hair came from. The skintone I use is the Asian skintone from Mod The Sims, her glittery eyes are from Lemonleaf and the boots are from Club Crimsyn.


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