Sunday, 23 May 2010


Lately I've been feeling like I want to do something more with the sims. Currently I'm still trying to build up my neighbourhood so it has more of a completed feel to it - the fact that it is so small makes the task seem less daunting and also means that my computer doesn't lag as badly as it would normally but building is so tedious.

I want to do something creative; maybe writing, I'm not sure. I've never attempted a true legacy before. I tried and even got a few basic chapters written out but I lacked the confidence to post it and then I got bored with the game so I ditched it all together.

This may just be a whim, I'm not sure. I get cravings like this every few months where I play the Sims obsessively in my free time but I want to branch out. I used to write although granted it would be more than a little embarassing to show anyone that crap - hell I enjoy writing but getting a solid idea that isn't ripped off from a movie or anime I've seen is hard. ^_^;


Zeri said...

writing comes out best when you are inspired. i know from experience, that if you try to write just to write, not only will it stink, you will lose interest.
so just wait for that 'spark' and somthing will come to you :)

CelSera said...

I'd love to read anything you wrote DS. With the creativity I've seen in your sims, I have no doubt at all that you would come up with a spectacular story! And I agree with Zeri -- writing with inspiration helps SO much. And who cares if you take a few cues from movies or anime? What story hasn't? You'll end up molding it into your own work even if it is based off of a few other things.

Please keep us posted on your progress -- I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! (no pressure tho ^_^)

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