Friday, 14 May 2010


I created him a while back but as I wasn't completely happy with him I never actually uploaded him anywhere. Much tweaking later I'm finally pleased with what I have come up with and now offer him as a download.

His name is Vash Zephr and he is an alien. His jacket is from the HELS pack, his pants are from Club Crimsyn and his hair is from Peggy, his sparkly eye contacts are from Lemonleaf and his skintone is one of the multi-tone ones from Mod The Sims, the elf ear sliders I used to get the effect I wanted are also from Mod The Sims. I'm fairly certain that everything else is store content.
I'm so sorry! I can't remember where his headphones and ipod came from ;_;

Be nice to him ^_^

...aaaand mediafire isn't working right now. Bugger.


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