Friday, 21 May 2010


...sometimes it's easy to forget that the board is largely dominated by a tweenage majority. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with that either. Then you get the types that see someone they percieve to be attractive and begin to fangirl over him to the point of it becoming a dangerous obsession.

I really don't get it. I mean I was never like this when I was younger; oh sure I thought that Orlando Bloom was good-looking when he took the role of Legolas in Lord of The Rings but even then I was not suddenly and profoundly 'in love' with the guy.

Really though that isn't the point of this post; we've all had friends like these people (I know I certainly have) and I don't see much harm in their little obsession provided they realize that nothing will ever happen (for one thing, this Grant guy is probably about 3 times older than them - just guessing here, I haven't even found the video that they're all swooning over yet).

No; my point is - what the hell does how sexy/hot Grant is and how jealous people are have to do with The Sims?

I thought we weren't allowed to post off topic??

Now obviously it is a bit of fun (or at least that's how it started - with a few simmers commenting that he looked good and him actually leaving a comment about it was funny) but since then these 'Grant is HOTTT!!!111ONE' threads have been appearing all over the place - and it's getting annoying.

Once again; something that has nothing to do with TS3 is being left on the board. I'll say though that it's refreshing to see the mods doing their job and starting to crowd control by directing them to one thread but in the space of barely a few hours the General Discussion forum is being flooded with this rubbish.

Sure it's about a Guru and like I said, his reaction was funny so I can see why the Gurus might be leaving it there to tease him, but an off topic thread is an off topic thread - something the Gurus conveniently have a zero tolerance policy on when it suits them :/


mewstrawberry said...

I do agree the threads got a little crazy and am glad to see them merging all into one, but I think you may be overestimating the amount of minors in the thread. Nothing wrong with a little monitored fun while we're actually allowed to for once. ;] (Other than the weekly OT stickies, of course <.< )

vidkid20 said...

those threads are gettin annoying and dont know whats so hot about him. like um...ok. i bet if that was my thread i would be banned again right now.
also today i love how they moved my welcome back thread to create a world section. like WTF? had nothin to do wit CAW. the mods are airheads i tell u!

awesome_phoebe said...

Yeah at first it was funny..but know it's annoying and weird. I mean, he is quite attractive but nothing amazing. And it's filling up the forums, being completely off topic. How can people get banned for little things while these people can go around swooning over some guru?

Darkslayer said...

I am glad that the mods took action and decided to limit it to one thread.

I saw your post vidkid; the gurus were probably just being childish because they recognised your username and knew they couldn't do a damn thing about the fact that you'd come back.

I'm not knocking the original thread mewstrawberry, I agree that it's nice to have a little off topic thread once in a while but that one thread spawned about 5 or 6 others all saying the same thing - glad the mods clamped down and directed people to the original thread.

Spychip said...

I'm not even sure who Grant is :P

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