Monday, 17 May 2010


An apology has been issued today by JessDiane and her fellow partner in crime; everything became so out of hand last night and being a person who tries to believe in her fellow human beings (as futile as that may be) I have decided to take her for her word. If she is big enough to apologise on the forum she irritated so badly the night before then I am willing to accept it and apologise myself for the way I acted.

Its so easy to get caught up in the moment - especially when you're like me and enjoy a damn good snark and although I don't think I was too out of line I know that by posting I just continued to stir up the thread and there is every chance that something I said could have been taken the wrong way. It didn't help that I was getting genuinely angry, not just at them but at the fact that they were being permitted to keep re-posting even though it had been deleted when other people had been banned for less.

I'm convinced the Gurus were off last night and that it was the mod who was deleting the threads - it's either believe in that or believe that they genuinely are out to get innocent simmers in some kind of vindictive super-plot to ruin any kind of fun that the average simmer tries to have over on that forum. I'm genuinely surprised I didn't have an e-mail sitting in my inbox this morning. ¬¬


MrGorgon said...

Hi ehm, Thank you for accepting our apology! :D

xXAngelicEvilXx said...

Um, I must have missed it. Where's your apology, MrGorgon? :S

MrGorgon said...

actually, i posted it on the forum on plz read this

vidkid20 said...

i think its both the gurus are vindictive and trolls are abusing to report button. i think i was reported alot for nothin and finally it gather to the point i was perma. still it is the gurus fault as they are not looking into these bans what so ever and well they are just vindictive. truly sad. they should at least let me dispute it.
oh hi Dark. added ur blog. kept forgetting. sorry. >_<

Darkslayer said...

@Vidkid: Awesome <3 I'm kind of a fail blogger so I come and go a lot. I'm still figuring out how this site works ^_^;

I agree too; after all my first (and surprisingly only) temp-ban was the result of some asshole reporting me for sticking up for a simmer who was blatantly being bullied in a thread.

Darkslayer said...

Ngh how do you edit your own comments in this thing?

What I meant is that far too often people who did nothing wrong get banned because some vindictive piece of work decided they didn't like something a person said, even if it couldn't have been classed as offensive etc.

CelSera said...

Hey DS - I don't think I've added your blog to my list (not that it will matter -- my blog is a dank little unknown hole in the ground o_O).

I COMPLETELY, and I mean completely missed that whole thing. It sucks because it sounds like things got pretty heated, and I imagine it was fairly entertaining. (sigh) I miss everything...oh well.

Visit when you can! I'll visit here more often too. ^_^

Jessamine Diane said...

@ Medusa: I think she means because you didn't make a blog post apologising publicly, and that I was the only one who did so. Dosn't matter now anyay. I've apologised and that's all I can do and besides, it's history now.

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