Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I'm really glad that Vanity got started - loved the first assignment just because the description was so hilarious (in a totally awesome way). I struggled to come up with a set at first and it didn't help that my Bridgeport is totally broken (I have the lagging issue but I'm not updating my game - that patch seems worse than not being able to use Bridgeport for simming).

I've been thinking about that actually; I'm wondering if its the skyscrapers that are glitched as opposed to Bridgeport itself. I have another custom neighbourhood that runs perfectly fine, but as soon as I add the apartment shells it goes all glitchy and laggy. :/

EA had better fix it. I bought LN for the vampires, clubs and sleazy city-feel. If I can't use the skyscrapers then I still can't make my dodgy city ¬¬


Vidkid20 said...

Ha, glad you found that description funny. I enjoyed writing that one. xD

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