Friday, 10 December 2010


Yup. Random pic spam of a few lots I've built in my new town.

The gym/dojo:

A random little house I built. I cloned this house and stuck it on a load of other lots too so I have a neat little row of them

Crappy shot of my business tower/restaurant. Flowers are my answer to empty space XD

Two new female sims I've made; the red-head is Angel and the other is Izumi. I'm torn between putting Angel up for download or not, I made her from my Shinichi sim and for some reason the vampire fangs are protruding from her chin when her mouth is closed. I haven't seen this happen with any other sim so I don't think it's my extra sliders... :/
A quick screencap of my neighbourhood. I downloaded this beautiful hood and bulldozed most of the lots. It's nothing against the creator of this world at all as his lots were absloutely amazing but I wanted a more personal touch.
There are still quite a few lots that he built out of the ones that are left, I haven't had much chance to get to work on it yet.

Larger Image:

Stupid Blogger. Quit deleting my paragraphs!


Kittycattylion said...

*jealous of your flawless stying skills* ^_^

awesome_phoebe said...

Looking good :)

Darkslayer said...

^_^; they're not quite flawless but thank you anyway :D

I'm torn between starting up another new town. I shouldn't but I really want to do a small country town to play alongside my city.

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