Friday, 17 December 2010


OK. Why is it that somebody can get banned for posting the word 'bump' in large letters but all the tossers currently hanging around in General Discussion spamming with their crappy pictures that have FUCK ALL to do with TS3 can get away with bloody murder?

The abuse over in that forum right now is untrue! I'm really having to reign myself in from giving a few puissants I've encountered tonight a piece of my mind.



LE said...

Don't get involved Dark. I don't wanna see you get banned.

Darkslayer said...

Aww thank you but it's cool. I've got a backup account that I registered Ambitions to :D... don't remember the username right now but I think it has something to do with either my current username or homunculi... XDDD

I just don't like seeing people getting dogged like that. If I happen across it I'm going to stick up for the OP but that's it.

I'm trying to reign in my temper a bit more though.

LE said...

Maybe Greed?

I know what ya mean tho, kinda do or die. Course if you can stick up for the OP in the rules of the forum, all good then.

Pistolkitten said...

If you word it maturely, like I know you would Dark, then there's no way they can ban you for having an opinion.

Shit I should have been banned for my lolsims picture with the pedo bear and yet I wasn't lol, so I think the mods are starting to tell the difference between having fun and having an opinion and total asshattery.

Darkslayer said...

@LE: LOL you know me too well ;) but it's not Greed. I found my backup account last night, Darkslayer709 so if you see that one posting around then you know I got perma'd XD

@PK: I don't know about that ;) the mods are still pretty dumb most of the time XD

LE said...

What can I say? FullMetal is Win!

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