Saturday, 4 December 2010


So I finished the house. I was actually pleased enough with it to want to upload it to the exchange but surprise surprise... network failure. Ugh I hate the launcher so much. The amount of sims I've had to re-package due to this is insane! Worst still because even though the launcher fucks up it acts as though I've used that name before, when I didn't because it bloody failed!

But yeah, I thought I'd show off a bit more of the house anyway now that it's finished. Technically it's 3 story but I'm using it as a home for Chiagi and he doesn't have anyone living with him yet so the third floor is completely empty.

I'm working on another lot at the moment that has the Late Night restaurant skyscraper, a little playground for the kiddies and... well that's the thing. I've got a fairly large space left on the lot and I don't know what to put there.


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