Sunday, 12 September 2010


Megumi-chan is now uploaded onto my TS3 page on the main site. I also took a few more pictures with her finished apartment. Unfortunately I'm not sure what happened but my lighting became really buggy; even though I was using the same lights throughout and had a ceiling some of them refused to work. I'm wondering if it was the windows since the glass has this unusual sheen to it...

Anyway I demolished the lot since taking these pictures and I decided to make Megumi a boyfriend in CAS as opposed to having her steal one of my other simmie's for her own.

(Gnah - bad picture! Though a paparazzi's dream I imagine - I can just picture this in Heat magazine with a big red circle XD)

She would not stop pulling that stupid face. It's not cute and it was deeply annoying XD

I just wanted a full length shot. See what I mean about the windows? Why are they reflecting the colour of the floor anyway? I'm sure the EA windows don't do that.

Soul Kijiro - her poor sucker of a boyfriend XD I'll get some proper in-game shots of him when I make their new house.


awesome_phoebe said...

She's a cutey :P

And I love her boyfriends hair + beard + hair colour haha :)

RD said...

She is adorable!

Whose windows were those that you were using do you know? I have that happen to me sometimes like I'll get this weird red shine but I didn't know if it was just my crappy graphics card or the actual object doing it.

MrGorgon said...

She's really cute
OT: Assignment 1 of Holding Out For A Hero is up.

Darkslayer said...

@awesome_phoebe: Yeah. I'm lovin' the Loud store set. I think that is one of the best EA hairs so far... although is that really saying much? XD

@RD: I'm not quite sure. I know it's an old one though but it only seems to happen to those windows I used for her house.

@MrGorgon: Awesome!

awesome_phoebe said...

Wait....that store hair...whoa o_o I didn't even know xD I really want that set, the only thing I got from it was the top.

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