Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dear EA...

I know that the forum does not make you any money. I know that technically you do not have to provide us with any kind of community experience whatsoever but COME ON! The forum has been broken for months now. Is it REALLY that difficult to just spare one of your technical guys to fix the damn thing?

If I'm not being white-screened when I try to post a comment or hell even read a thread I'm getting a mass of code, forum headers without forums or being forced to log myself in when I only want to view the forum for a few seconds and thus cannot be bothered to log myself in (not to mention your stupid site keeps logging me out in the first place ¬¬) - OK you probably implimented the latter to fix the problem with the anonymous trolls but that was a problem that your techie web guys created in the first place. Fix the initial problem, don't add another irritant.

I know there are much more important things in the world than having a working forum but seriously, your forum is like a giant advertisement for how unstable and broken your damn game is. Prove me wrong EA. Prove me wrong.



Zeri said...

sadly they cannot. this is the best they can do.. or rather, the best they are willing to do

RD said...

Its still broken? Sheesh. I haven't bothered with that place in months so I had no idea. People over there drive me bonkers anyways so the headache of getting on there isn't worth it. We can all keep complaining but the only thing that gets through to those kinds of companies is losing major dollars. I guess they haven't lost enough yet to care enough to fix the issues.

CelSera said...

I wouldn't have believed that those issues would STILL be going on so badly and so frequently, but here we sit, huh? Unbelievable.

Loved your comment about the forum being an advertisement for how broken the game is. That was spot on true, too.

Take care Dark ;)
*hugs & noogies*

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