Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've been working on that house again. Aside from a few minor details I've finished it off and I've even gone as far as to move in a family.

I still couldn't think of anything to do with the garden other than sticking a clothes line out there but meh, I'm sure I'll think of something. I'm thinking about putting the guy up for download. He's not one of my usual pretty-boys and I like that about him although I made him like that completely by accident XD;


Evergreen said...

Looks great!!!!!

Do you think you could put up a CC Free Version as well? :D I normally avoid object CC :P

Darkslayer said...

Hmm... well to be honest I wasn't really thinking of uploading the house yet but when I do I think I could do that.

The only things that would have to go is all the wall art, the kitchen counters (not shown) would have to be switched along with the dining room chairs (also not shown) and the beds and dressers. Other than that the house should stay pretty much the same.

How do you feel about CC wallpaper?

Darkslayer said...

Edit: Oh crap. Actually all those windows are CC too and the doors. ^_^;

Evergreen said...

Patterns I'm good with, along with those windows (they look freaking amazing), but like, all the other cluttery stuff, I really don't like having in my game :P

But it's your call :D

awesome_phoebe said...

Looks good, can't wait! ^_^

CelSera said...

...I want that house SO...BAD....

*puppy dog eyes* If you ever DO upload, I wouldn't mind a full CC version.... ^_^

Darkslayer said...

Wow ^_^;

To be honest I'm not actually sure how much CC would transfer. I don't tend to use TS3.packs but I did pick up a few bits and pieces when I downloaded a house from somebody's blog.

If I do upload the house I'll try and provide a full CC list. That way you'll be able to find anything that doesn't transfer over.

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