Friday, 17 September 2010


...-she was the only one he had ever loved; a mortal woman whose name was down on his list. Her death had always been inevitable; set in stone but when she died four months early of her death date White-Lotus found himself unable to cope.

So distraught at her premature death he took it upon himself to do the unforgivable. He tried to bring her back. Ultimately this action failed; her soul was ready to pass on to the afterlife that she deserved and when her deceased body rejected his attempts to return her soul she took out her anger on him, forever cursing his name and his enthusiasm quickly turned to bewilderment... though he still clung to the hope that he would be forgiven.

Unfortunately it did not and her rage was perfectly justified. It is not just the Shinigami that attempts such a forbidden act that pays the price; but the immortal soul of the individual they attempted to bring back.

The sole purpose of a Shinigami is to collect the souls of the deceased and guide them on to the afterlife. Although they possess a variety of powers that they are able to use at their digression there is one act that is absolutely FORBIDDEN and that is withholding a soul from the afterlife to try and bring the individual back to life; effectively cheating death.

For his actions, White-Lotus was demoted, stripped of most of his powers and banished from the Shinigami realm.

So this is my first entry for the Holding out for a Hero competition. It took me a surprisingly long time to do this, mainly because Reno (White-Lotus) wouldn't stop pulling stupid faces. In the end I wound up incorporating that damn grin of his into my story. I wanted him to look either elated or like his entire world had just come crumbling to pieces around him... that little hopeful smile kinda' ruined it a bit but with an alteration to the story I think it still works.


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