Saturday, 11 September 2010


Yo! Dark here with a preview of a brand new simmie. Since the impromtu death and ressurrection of my computer I haven't really felt much like simming. Plus it took over an hour to load my game the last time I ran it (I think that's what having 1.5gb of CC does to an old relic of a machine ^_^; ) - I'm hoping to get some more RAM to tied me over until I get the new computer since it certainly isn't disk space causing the problem XD;

Her name is Megumi Kusanagi. I've loosely based her off a character from an anime I have gotten rather into lately; Shiki. Megumi is childish, a hopeless romantic, mean spirited... and I'm a numpty and can't remember what other traits I gave to her ^_^;

Absolutely loving that new Loud set on the store. It's about time EA brought out something more edgy as opposed to all that themed fifties crap. The top is from the Loud store set, the skirt is base game, the boots are also from the Loud store set and the suspenders/tights are from Lemon Leaf - they're part of the maid outfit but they can be installed seperately - although for some reason you can't recolour the suspender part... something that frustrates me deeply because I'm anal about having all my stuff matching. (Her apartment is unfinished - hence why the background objects look so randomly coloured)

She's a fully finished sim. The only reason why I don't have an upload link is because I'm an idiot and thought I'd sent her to the launcher when I didn't *facepalm*. It's getting late now so I'll upload her sometime tomorrow provided I can get on the game.

In other news; I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World tonight. It was freakin' awesome! I mean it was showing in a crappy screen because there are too many big box office movies on at the moment but still... it was epic!


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