Sunday, 1 August 2010


Right. That is it. I have had enough. My computer is a fragile enough creature as it is with its random reboots and failure to find its DVD drive. I do not need you making it worse.

You know who you are.

Damn launcher...

Unsurprisingly this happens a lot. In fact virtually every time I enter the launcher and no matter which one it is I get the same result.

It will open (eventually) and I'll upload whatever I wanted to upload (I have long since stopped using the launcher to load the game itself - that was a disaster the last time I tried). All seems to go well until I go to close it.

WITHOUT FAIL it will freeze on me. A lot of the time this just means I have to end task about a dozen times before the thing decides that yes it finally will close (you are at my command, not the other way around damnit! You close when I say, not when you bloody feel like it!).

Then there are the days when it just wants to be a total bitch; like as pictured below.

As you can see the launcher did not just freeze itself. It froze my AIM chat (name blanked because she wasn't online at the time - not sure how she'd feel about her username being publically broadcast) and it froze IE. Somehow it also managed to confuse my task manager into thinking that I had two versions of Blogger open when in reality (as you can blatantly see) I did not.

WTF launcher!?

This is the reason why I don't upload as much as I used to. I still enjoy creating sims but getting them uploaded is such a damn hassle these days. My launcher has never worked properly but ever since I put Ambitions on I've been reduced to enduring meltdowns like these.

EA - your launcher right now is acting like a damn virus on my computer. You produce complex games on a regular basis, how did you manage to fuck up something as simple as the TS3 launcher?

UGH! *raaaage*

Edit: Conveniently it had closed by the time I screencapped this. It's stealthy virus ways concealing it until the next time it wants to piss me off.

I wasn't using AIM. I was signed on yes but the person I was talking/connected to had already signed off. I was just finishing up a few things on Blogger after my sim had uploaded. I closed the launcher and then it froze everything I had running. A few more minutes and I'd have rebooted but I didn't want to lose the screencap.


Zeri said...

aiya what a nightmare. just upload everything to 4share or some thing. id avoid that launcher like the plague

Darkslayer said...

It really does drive me mad sometimes ^_^;

I used to upload to mediafire but it doesn't seem to like me anymore, I'm not sure why ^_^;

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