Friday, 13 August 2010


I'll be honest; I was quite disappointed when the host of the modelling competition I was in disappeared (and not just because I had won in a near landslide vote ^_^; ) - it was looking like it could've been a fun competition too.

I've taken some time out again for a little while but I've noticed a couple of modelling competitions that look quite interesting; - this is a grunge themed competition; which I decided to enter Raiden into.

Raiden - Unmasked. Huzzah!

Then there is this competition - I recall being involved in the first cycle with my only ever female model and this was the same time that the forums were playing up, cue me eventually losing interest because I was sick of battling EA's buggy forum.

The one thing I learned first time around; I suck at modelling female sims so naturally when the male version came along I had to enter Heine.

Sorry; no new pictures of him. I've moved neighbourhood and whilst he does have a place I haven't really decorated it etc and I haven't played his household in so long.

I'm glad this one came up; I had been looking forward to using Heine in the other competition.

Vidkid; I really wish I hadn't missed signups for your competition but I fail at female models ^_^; if you ever do one where males can enter (provided I see it before it fills up) I'll be all over it. It's looking awesome so far though! ^_^
I made another sim tonight though he isn't quite ready to be shared just yet. His name is Reno *dork* he's looking sultry and pouty in my new laundromat... I would've had him posing in his underpants for added effect (read: smex) but my CC sleepwear is somewhat lacking ^_^;

Edit: aaand as usual blogger is being stupid and not seeing my paragraphs. They are there damnit! ¬¬


vidkid20 said...

aw Dark! *hugs* Ty! I'm trying. If I make through this cycle I'm so doin a male version of it! I perfer male models too actually, so doing a male version is a kinda must for me! :-P

I will let you know. Most likely when this cycle is over with.

Darkslayer said...

Awesome! I'm not sure why but I have a mental block when it comes to shooting for females. It's not as though I don't have the CC to keep up with my usual style for the game.

I think it's because aside from a few most of my female sims have curves, whilst my males are all super skinny & androgenous.

Sometimes I think my male sims look more feminine than my female sims XD

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