Saturday, 14 August 2010


I've been thinking about trying to do another modelling competition. The trouble is that I have the ideas for it (I still have the shoot ideas left over from the Superhero/Villain competition) - the trouble is that I'm lazy and aside from the forums being completely USELESS at the time I'll also admit that the idea of doing all that coding just... yeah.

There are two ideas that I've been toying with; the Superhero/villain one again and another one based on Japanese fashion like the Harujuku girls, Visual Kei, Lolita, Cosplay etc... no idea where I'd go with it or anything.

I definately don't want to judge my own competitions; I'm quite a critical person and being a perfectionist when it comes to my own pictures I'd hate for that to come across for others who have obviously put in a lot of work. I'm not cut out for judging, I'm too lazy and when I judged in the past I ended up re-writing what I'd written quite a few times because looking back at it I always thought 'wow, that's kind of egotistical and harsh of me to say crap like that about someone else's work' - I don't think I'm a horrible person; I'm just a perfectionist and very opinionated about how *I* would do things which would of course come across really negatively to somebody who may not like the way I do things but put their heart into what they offered.

(I will admit though that it frustrates me when people turn in such dark shots. I lurk in the modelling forum quite a bit and I see such potential in those pictures yet I know they won't be marked well because they're too dark. I'd put up my own tutorial but I honestly don't think I'm *that* good to get away with doing it without sounding really arrogant)

So yeah... I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment. I'm in two competitions that haven't started yet so I don't want to stretch myself too thin but I'm really keen to do the Japanese-themed competition because hell, nobody seems to have done it before.

For anyone reading this blog you're more than welcome to do the idea yourselves ;) hell I might even sign up. Being a contestant is far more fun than being a judge/host IMO.


awesome_phoebe said...

Well if you do start a comp I'd either be happy to judge or be a contestant :)

Darkslayer said...

Cool. I'm talking to my friend about it and she seems keen too.

Watch this space ;)

CelSera said...

DS, I lurked the hell out of your Superhero comp -- I really regret not joining. I'd love for you to judge some of the pictures I've done, and now I'm thinking I might need to snag your opinion on some of my future shots! I respect your opinion a great deal because of your talent. You REALLY know your stuff...

If you decide to do another comp, I'll at LEAST be a huge lurker (no telling when my PC will be up & running again).

Have you seen Evie's Kawaii/Japanese street fashion competition? Over at CStyles? I was a contestant until my graphics card frikkin blew out and I had to drop, but it's an awesome comp. If you started a comp like that, it would be just as cool!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :D

Zeri said...

if you do another superhero/villian thing i might join, i missed the last one. for the anime/cosplay thing, id lurk, but its not my thing. it would be cool to see what ppl come up with tho :)

MrGorgon said...

if your interested in joining a comp, this one maybe?

RD said...

Evie actually is/did do a japanese themed competition called Kawaii, she's just not holding it over there at the retched forums. I have a distinct distaste for that place and haven't joined a competition over there in forever. I attempted it but knew it wouldn't work out. I can't promise I would join or lurk since it would be held over there but I wish you much luck in whichever direction you choose to go in. You were a great host and thoughtful judge.

Darkslayer said...

Aww thanks guys <3

@CelSera: Wow... to hear that even when I'm still a novice at the whole thing is quite unexpected. I'd be happy to look at some of your pictures :)

I used to be a bit of a ANTM dork so I picked up a lot of things such as the model always being the focus of the shot (even amid chaos) and lighting from there.

While I was competing in Charmed I noticed that my pictures were becoming blurry because of re-sizing, so that's when I started to use photoshop to sharpen them up. I use PS to lighten my images slightly (even when they don't look like they need it) and I add a brownish tint using a blank layer and 'Multiply' on a low % - I feel it gives my pictures a grittier look.

My actual knowledge of PS is crap but I'll be happy to make suggestions if you really want them ^_^

@RD: Ahh I hadn't realized. The EA forum is still pretty borked but it's an easy place for me to go so... ^_^;

VintageLydia said...

I didn't think you were overly harsh at ALL for the superheroes/villians comp. I enjoyed it and I only dropped because that was the week the forums went supernova.

Evergreen said...

:O This is oh so creepy. I only came onto your blog to ask if you were ever going to do another cycle of the Superheros/Villians competition because I would probably join if I found the time xD

I'm not sure I could do the whole Anime thing, I try to avoid that :P but i'd lurk the hell out of it :D

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