Sunday, 1 August 2010


Long live the weekend!

I've been surprisingly productive; finished two apartment buildings (including a new one for Ryutaro because he's by far my favourite sim and I felt bad for making a mess of his last place).

I've also made a couple of new sims. The first one (as pictured below) is Chie Satonaka... why yes I was feeling creative when I decided to steal a name from Persona 4 XDDD

I haven't uploaded her yet but I do plan to at some point.

My second creation is a sim that in my vast creativity I chose to name Miku Kujaku (last name yoinked from Yu-Gi-Oh; one of my old guilty pleasures in life) - no idea where I picked Miku up from but it was probably some other anime or Japanese video game. I normally use a name generator but my internet was being a bitch.

I forgot to take pictures of the exterior of Chie and Ryutaro's apartment complex because it was dark at the time and I hate gridlines but this is the exterior of Miku's apartment (I have also moved Nodame into this one but I've only furnished one apartment so far hence why there's no pictures - this complex can house up to four single sims but at a squeeze you may be able to fit a couple into one of them).

Pictures taken of Miku's apartment. I... got a bit carried away with that dirty-pink colour.

And because as usual Blogger decided to be stupid and not post the images how I thought it would, this is Ryutaro's new apartment. I wanted to give it more of a run down feel. I have yet to decide if he's done the graffiti or whether it's just a shithole apartment.



Westie said...

I have a wall very similar to your pink striped one O_O. Same theme and everything (:O

Darkslayer said...

I know. I got the idea when I started stalking you ;)

(J/K <3)

Westie said...

Well that explains it!. . . :P

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