Sunday, 15 August 2010


Well my game has been an absolute bitch tonight but I finally got it done. I'm really pleased with how this lot has turned out. I only have one sim living there at the moment; Reno has an apartment on the ground floor.

The dining room; I just had to have that skull in there somewhere. Unfortunately it kind of took up a lot of space on the table.

Reno's apartment is situated in a somewhat rough neighbourhood; he's on a shoddy wage at best but that doesn't stop him from buying the most expensive HD TV and games console.

Not to mention funding his side-hobby.

While I was busy shooting pictures of his home I had left the game unpaused and he randomly started to cry. Given that I've made it look as though he's either failed to clean up after a party or has a drinking problem (for no other reason than fooling around without the gridlocking on - I can't believe I've only just figured out how to do this) the above shot gave me some ideas as to where I wanted to take his character.

Reno isn't up for download just yet. I want to adjust his traits and give him a proper backstory.


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