Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So it looks like EA have claimed another victim. Coincidentally this one was probably not long before/after SimGuruHydra closed down her thread, thus cutting off any possible communications with the Gurus about it. The dictatorship on the forum is getting out of hand now. I'm seeing the same puissants posting negative, inflammatory comments and they get away with it yet someone like Firestar who has done absolutely nothing wrong (not that I can see anyway, I don't speak with them on the forum too often but I see their posts) has been banned without so much as a courtesy e-mail from EA.

Bad form. Seriously bad form.

I've been distracted with Heavy Rain as of late, I had been intending on actually posting a few things here and finally linking it to my sig on the forum but I just haven't gotten around to it. Things happen... awesome interactive movie games completely consume your life... yeah I am a total dork ^_^;


clairezy018 said...

oooooOOOO I loved loved loved heavy rain after I beat it and tried to play other video games I was like: "Bah! This isn't intense enough! No ones asking me to cut of my finger or choose between saving the life of my child or killing some random stranger!".... so yeah I really liked the game. C:

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