Saturday, 20 March 2010


I find myself torn between three pictures for the latest assignment. The task is to use clothing, poses and environment to represent your given season and I was given Winter. I love Winter; so cold and icy but when it came right down to it I wasn't quite sure what kind of pose would represent the idea of Winter. I personally think it's the best season and I'm happiest when there's a bitter chill on the wind... I figured that given Niwa's twisted personality he would also enjoy Winter so that was what I went for. Maybe it's inappropriate for the challenge but when I gave it a lot of thought and consideration I realized that if I made him dark/gloomy/aloof/cold it would've been... dull.

At the moment I'm gravitating towards number 1... but time will tell XD


sarah-0223 said...

Hey Dark :D

Niwa looks great, as always ^.^

I personally like picture two btw. 3 is too sad (and that's not the vibe you're going for) while 1... well, even if I liked winter, I don't see that pose relating to winter. Might just be me missing something though xD

Number two is awesome, on the other hand :O He looks devilishly delicious with his smirk... kinda playful, you know? And winter is a very playful season, with all the holidays, the snowmen, the igloos, forts, snowball fights, snow down your back, ice skating, hockey, etc. I just think it all clicks together.

That's just my two cents though ;)

Good luck with the competition!

Darkslayer said...

Thanks for the input, I see what you mean about picture 2~

The competition is right down to the wire now, there are only 4 contestants left *nervous* it's the first competition I ever entered too.

sarah-0223 said...

I just want to say that the Charmed competition is epic... you guys are all amazingly talented, and a big inspiration to me ^.^

Oh, and good luck! I'm rooting for you since it's your first competition :D (Yet it really doesn't show, since your pictures are amazing... did you do any of these for the Sims 2?)

Darkslayer said...

Nope, never did. I wasn't really involved much with the community back during the TS2 days.

I picked number 2 in the end ^_^

sarah-0223 said...

...Reply one month later... '^.^ ...

Anyway, that's amazing :O You really are a natural then :P

Yeah, and I'm glad it didn't get you eliminated... if not, I would hold myself partly responsible ;)

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